Plastic Storage Containers, Distribution Crates & Pallets

Plastic containers, trays, crates and pallet boxes from Schoeller Allibert provide users with reduced logistics and packaging costs while also improving their supply chain efficiencies including faster handling operations, reduced waste and tamper-evident security.



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Reduce Transportation & Packaging Costs with Plastic RTP Solutions

Compared to wood or cardboard packaging, the main advantage of plastic is its potential for re-usability; the benefits of plastic reusable transit packaging (RTP) are unequalled in terms of durability, sustainability, weight, strength and safety. Together, these factors considerably contribute to the costs per packaging unit per journey, and can consequently enable our customers to achieve great savings on large scale transportation and distribution by providing optimum packaging solutions to improve their logistics flow.

Plastic Containers from Schoeller Allibert

Schoeller Allibert offer a comprehensive range of plastic trays, containers, bulk boxes and pallets.

For efficient handling, storage and transport packaging solutions, Schoeller Allibert offer a wide range of stacking & nesting plastic containers which nest when empty saving valuable space on return transport. Products include 180º crates, Maxinest produce trays and the Kaiman range of attached lid containers which also benefit from tamper-evident security to protect your goods in transit.

Stacking containers are available in various footprints, heights, and dimensions to meet all sort of industries and markets’ needs. In addition, their compact sizes, versatility and ease of handling make them ideal solutions for most automated handling systems.

Large Folding Containers, such as our Magnum Optimum Range of bulk distribution boxes benefit from a drop door for easy access and fold flat for efficient return logistics. All of our bulk storage containers are extremely sturdy in comparison to their weight, their smooth plastic surfaces are designed for easy cleaning, and their folding systems engineered for transportation costs savings.

Schoeller Allibert’s range of Rigid Pallet Containers include our Big Box and Geobox ranges which are strong, durable and hygienic. They are ideal for bulk handling operations where cleanliness and hygiene are crucial such as food processing, agricultural distribution, meat handling, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Plastic pallets are available in light-weight versions, ideal for distribution, and heavy-duty versions capable of supporting loads of over one tonne on pallet racking.