Attached Lid Container, New Kaiman 600 x 400 x 365mm ALC - 65 litre

Kaiman Attached Lid Container 65 litre


Attached Lid Container, New Kaiman 600 x 400 x 365mm ALC
65 litre

Kaiman ALC (attached lid container) benefits of improved security, smoother converyor flow as well as innovative identification and handling features. Incorporates an integral hinged lid and tamper-evident security to reduce losses and deter theft of high-risk or high-value goods in transit.

In fact, Schoeller Allibert's new Kaiman attached lid container is designed to enhance performance, by being 10% lighter, therefore reducing fuel costs and improving carbon foortprint, stacking up to 7 containers high, carrying 25kg unit load, and nesting to 70% when empty.

The new 65 litre Kaiman container also benefits of automated handling, improved security with innovative "teeth" on the lid interlock with the container base to prevent lids from prised open when closed and fitted with tamper-evident security seals, enhanced branding options with a larger print area on both long sides, anda larger printing area inside the lid to provide visible identification when the containers are nested. 

  • volume: 65 litres
  • weight: 3.2 kg
  • solid sides and base
  • securely stacks
  • nests by 65% to save valuable space on return transport
  • can be fitted with tamper-evident security seal ref A199580020
  • integrated label holder on one end
  • suitable for use with conveyors and other automated equipment
  • ergonomic handgrips for comfortable & secure manual handling


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