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Plastic Pallets, Boxes & Containers Online Catalogue - Schoeller Allibert


As the UK’s largest manufacturers of plastic containers, trays, crates and pallets, Schoeller Allibert offers a wide range of products and works alongside a broad variety manufacture and distribution companies across various industries, meeting industry-specific needs and demands to improve your logistics, increase handling efficiency and reduce costs associated to storage, return and damages.  


Our products are cleverly designed and engineered to be light, durable, long lasting and compact to help streamline your supply chain, which over the years has made us a uncontestable market leader as well as the largest manufacturers of plastic containers in the UK.


Schoeller Allibert strives to continuously improve logistics to reduce costs from returns, storage and transportation. Indeed, products such as our attached lid containers (ALC’s) are designed to nest when they are empty to save you valuable space and therefore costs on return transport, their tamper-evident security system also deterring theft of high values goods as well as reducing losses.


Our Maxinest produce trays range had been engineered to transport, protect and maintain quality and hygiene of frozen and fresh food, from field or food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale, providing you with a versatile transportation, storage and distribution solution.

Schoeller Allibert’s Maxinest containers are also available in different height options, enabling you to use the same tray for various applications.


The tough, durable design of our stack-nest container, combined with smooth hygienic surfaces make it equally suitable for for heavy duty industrial applications as well as food handling and distribution. Our 180° stack-nest containers have the ability to stack securely when full and can nest when empty by turning through 180° and are also available in bicolour models to enable you to rapidly visually identify their stacking position to prevent any accidental crushing of contents.


We also have a variety of small and large folding containers, which can fold flat for optimum space utilisation to reduce returns logistics costs. Discover our full range, and our highly popular Clever Move Box (CMB), designed for space and cost saving packaging alternative ideal for distribution of high value goods and products.


For heavy duty handling applications, whether in food or non-food industrial environments, are large rigid containers are best suited, as they are hygienic, strong and stable. Our range of rigid bulk containers is available in solid plastic or ventilated and on feet or runners.


For any enquiries about our online catalogue, or to further discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 01606 561 995.