Folding Large Containers (FLC) ranges

Folding Large Containers (FLC)

Foldable Large Containers

Our range of foldable large containers have been specifically engineered and developed for transport of goods over long distances, and to withstand many return trips in order to minimise your transportation costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Foldable containers from Schoeller Allibert are available in various footprints, and for both lightweight to heavy duties.

Maxipac & Magnum Optimum FLCs

Part of our range of Foldable Large Containers (FLCs), the Magnum Optimum® and Maxipac are particularly strong container, designed to withstand any of your supply chain requirements, as well as facilitating access for end users.

Their folding and stacking technology ensure maximisation of space to minimise any transport and storing costs, hereby proving an efficient returnable solution alternative to rigid containers and wooden pallets, crates and containers.

Magnum Containers

Our range of Magnum storage boxes & containers, which include Magnum Classic container and Magnum Optimum containers are developed to meet the growing worldwide demand for plastic packaging.


Maxipac Containers

Our Maxipac range is designed to increase the efficiency of bulk distribution and enhance in-store product display.


Returnable Packaging Solutions

All our storage plastic boxes & containers are ideal for bulk quantities requirements, and are engineered to be highly resistant and withstand heavy weight to prevent collapsing during use.

Made out of plastic, our range of large folding containers is 100% recyclable, to help minimise your cardboard footprint as well as your costs related to transport and cleaning, the smooth surface of plastic preventing soiling and being easily cleanable.